Version 3 has been released!

3rd Party Add-ons

In addition to Arrivals and Departures, the following program can be used with RemoteSign


by Alex Misstear

DynamicSign is a Java program that picks up data from an Excel spreadsheet and display the content on RemoteSign. The provided spreadsheet enables you to create a dynamic arrivals and departure sign that simulates train arrivals and departures in synch with the current time!  By simply editing the spreadsheet you can name the trains and their destinations and origins as desired.

You can use station names on your own layout or real station names or even a mixture of both. For example, if you indicate that at 4 minutes past the hour a train will arrive from Berlin - that arrival will be indicated until 5 minutes past the hour at which time it will scroll off the sign. The arrivals and departures will therefore take an hour before they repeat and is very prototypical of the schedule of a large European city with hourly intercity trains.

The software is free and can contains instructions on the minimal configuration.