Version 3 has been released!

RemoteSign Sequencer

RemoteSign Sequencer is a very powerful scripting tool that allows you to control a single RemoteSign or multiple RemoteSigns simultaneously.

A script is a list of commands to be carried out in a sequence. RemoteSign Sequencer lets you create such scripts, and run them, thus controlling whatever RemoteSigns you wish.


  • Runs on Microsoft Windows
  • An on-screen tour gets you acquainted with the program
  • Any number of RemoteSigns can be defined
  • Configurable time delays between every command
  • Multiple scripts can run simultaneously
  • User friendly composition definition of all the parameters of each command
  • Individual commands in a script can be sent to any of the RemoteSigns that have been defined (in other words a single script can send commands to multiple Remotesigns and is not limited to a single RemoteSign)
  • Scripts can loop
  • Scripts can be triggered by the time of day
  • Scripts can be triggered with keys F1 through F12
  • Scripts can be automatically triggered when the connection to a RemoteSign is made
  • Scripts can be triggered in response to Sensor inputs on any of the connected RemoteSigns
  • Single step scripts can be defined so that single sensor inputs can be used to cycle through any number of scripts! Scripts can be triggered based on the value of any digital pin of a RemoteSign ESP
  • Scripts can trigger other scripts
  • Commands in a script can be edited, reordered, copied and pasted, and tested.
  • Each file can contain multiple scripts and you can have multiple files!
  • It can import .rsf files from RemoteSign. If an imported rsf file auto loads other files, then those files are also imported as separate scripts. Trigger commands are added to load them after the same time. In other words if you have created a series of screens using the auto load feature, those will continue to work after being imported into sequencer. Auto play of a sound file is also supported.
  • It has nine persistent counters
  • Conditional branching is possible - allowing very sophisticated branching to be performed based on the values of counters, GPIO pins and sensors
  • It can accept script names from RSRelay to trigger the running of a script
  • It can fetch text data from an external data file
  • Integrated Record and Play features for recording scripts on a RemoteSign
  • Ability to load RemoteSign ESP software onto an ESP8266 device


It can be downloaded and installed as part of the RemoteSign installation.
If you already have it installed, and want to pick up the latest version, run the Fetcher program in the same folder, and select Sequencer.exe, and click 'Fetch'

Getting started

  1. Take the tour that pops up when you first run RemoteSign Sequencer
  2. Follow these steps to get Sequencer connected to other RemoteSigns
  3. Explore some of the sample files 
If writing scripts is not part of your skillset, we offer a scripting service

How to use the ESP8266 RemoteSign ESP loading facility.

Version history

Changes over time can be found here