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RemoteSign Sequencer released!

The wait is over! RemoteSign Sequencer has been released!
RemoteSign Sequencer is bundled with RemoteSign, and is installed along with RemoteSign (Windows version)

New Time Macro feature!

Version 2.5.9 of Windows RemoteSign has a new feature that lets you define dynamic times!

New firmware for RemoteSign ESP

A new version of the RemoteSign ESP now provides sensor input!

Three sensors are provided, allowing information to be relayed back to the driving software. Simply connect pins D5, D6 or D7 to the ground pin (G) of the ESP8266 board via a switch or digital accessory decoder to trigger the three sensors on or off. The RemoteSign will send {S} commands back to the connected software whenever the sensors go on or off. This allows push buttons or even a digital control system to request different screen content!

Existing devices can be upgraded over the air using the {OTA} command!

New Windows version 2.5

New hardware supported by RemoteSign ESP

RemoteSign ESP now also supports 32x128 pixel OLED screens

and you can order one here!

RemoteSign Sequencer

A new Windows program called RemoteSign Sequencer is in development!

RemoteSign Sequencer will allow one to compose scripts to send RemoteSign commands to a number of RemoteSign devices (or just one device).

Planned features:

  • Any number of RemoteSigns can be defined
  • Connection status of RemoteSigns is displayed
  • Configurable timed delays between every command
  • Multiple scripts can run simultaneously
  • User friendly composition definition of all the parameters of each command
  • Individual commands in a script can be sent to any of the RemoteSigns that have been defined
  • Scripts can loop
  • Scripts can be triggered by the time of day
  • Scripts can be triggered with keys F1 through F12
  • Scripts can be automatically triggered when the connection to a RemoteSign is made
  • Scripts can be triggered in response to Sensor inputs on any of the connected RemoteSigns
  • Single step scripts can be defined so that single sensor inputs can be used to cycle through any number of scripts!
  • Scripts can be triggered based on the value of any digital pin of a RemoteSign ESP
  • Scripts can trigger other scripts
  • Commands in a script can be edited, reordered, copied and pasted, and tested.