Alert #1: Windows users: If you have suddenly started getting an error message: "Requested address is a broadcast address but flag is not set", try setting a different port by editing the port number in RemoteSign.ini Try something between 50603 and 65000 instead of 50601. See the Troubleshooting page for details.

Alert #2: If you were trying order a RemoteSign ESP, please try again, the Paypal forms have been updated.

Assembled and tested RemoteSign ESP

If you are not sure how to put your own RemoteSign ESP together, you can order pre-assembled and tested ones here:

Two sizes are available,
  1. 128x64 pixel screen, available in Yellow+Blue or all White
  2. 128x32 pixel screen, white
The Yellow+Blue version is yellow on the top 1/4 and blue on the lower 3/4
(Approximately 22mm x 11mm actual display area on a 27mm x 27mm circuit board)
(Photograph of the screen looks fuzzy due to protective sheet still in place)

The second screen is even smaller with 128x32 pixels and has all white text
(Approximate dimensions: 21mm x 6mm actual display area on a 38mm x12mm circuit board)

This is suitable for axle counters and single platform signs.

The fully assembled RemoteSign ESP comprises:
  • ESP8266 module loaded with RemoteSign software
  • Screen of your choice, wired to the ESP8266

What you will need to run it is:
  • A USB-B cable connected to a USB socket, or 5V DC power supply which you connect to two pins of the ESP8266 (+5 Volts to pin: VIN, and power ground to pin: G)
  • Wi-Fi network, and a device that can connect to wifi to set the wifi credentials such as a mobile phone, (only needed once only).
  • A copy of RemoteSign Sequencer, or Windows RemoteSign or DB program (all can be downloaded from this site for free, and if you like it, you can register for $10. ) 
Price: $34.00

If you live in the USA, place your order here

US shipping ($5 shipping cost)
Screen selection

If you live outside the USA, place your order here

Outside the USA ($15 shipping cost)
Screen selection

If you have any problems with the ordering process, please contact me directly. Sometimes PayPal changes thier code and they dont inform us that the buttons will no longer work!