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{DW} command (Digital Write)

Set an output pin (GPIO) output to a value. (Using digitalWrite();)


{DW} pin ␑ value

  • pin is the pin be set. You can specify either a pin name (such as D0) or a GPIO number.  
  • value is the value to use. 1 means high (on = +3.3V on ESP8266), zero means low (off = GND on ESP8266)
For example: {DW}D5 ␑ 1
will set pin D5 on

Warning: This command is carried out as demanded without any checking against pin assignment, maximum brightness, inverse logic, etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that you request 'safe' values and that setting a value requested will not cause damage to anything connected to the device.

See also: {AW} {DR}

Overview and list of all RemoteSign commands: API reference

Supported by:
RemoteSign Sequencer v3.5 (send)
RemoteSign ESP