Version 3 has been released!


Here are some of the features I may add to the software if I get enough encouragement...

Load next on keystroke

Instead of loading the next file based on a time delay, the space-bar could be used to trigger the loading of the next file.
Backspace could load the previous file. This would allow the creation of a set of files that could be used as presentation software.

Update: RemoteSign Sequencer has now been created that allows very much more flexible screen displays, including sensor support and single step scripts.

Image cells

Add the ability to have small images displayed in the mechanical lines
Support for images was added in version 3.1!


Ability to set the type face of the heading (non-animated) lines. Not sure how important this is.

Ability to hide the clock

Note sure if this would be very useful or not. The ability to have no clock was implemented in version 2.6.5!

Request for current content

A connecting machine could ask for the current screen rows and content.
(This data is currently return in {CH} information)

White List and Black List of machines that may connect to a sign

Each sign could have a list of machines that may connect, or a list of machines that may not connect to it and control it.

Reduced screen rows size to accommodate additional columns on a remote machine

See screen aspects for details.

Display data feeds

For example, stock prices or real-time train schedules! (done! See

Note that if there is a feature that you really want to see, I am more likely to consider suggestions from those who have made a donation!