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{RUNSCRIPT} command

Runs a script that was previously saved on the RemoteSign. A RemoteSign can also run a script in RemoteSign Sequencer using this command.

It can also be used to stop any running script.


{RUNSCRIPT} name  reset  param1  param2  paramn

  • name - the name of the script to run. If numeric, and there is no matching script name, it is the internal index number (Sequencer only).
  • reset- reset to script default parameter values. 1 = reset, 0 = do not reset
  • parameters - list of parameters separated by DC2 characters. Empty parameter strings will not overwrite existing parameters. Use space to clear.

Note #1: On RemoteSign Windows, the script file is looked for in the scripts folder.
Note #2: If no name is provided, any running script is stopped
Note #3: The parameters are supported by RemoteSign Sequencer version 3.7 and above.

See the overview of RemoteSign scripting

See also: {RECORD} {SCR?} 

Overview and list of all RemoteSign commands: API reference

Supported by:
RemoteSign Windows v3
RemoteSign Sequencer v3
RemoteSign ESP v3