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{S} command

Reports that a sensor has changed.
Sensor commands are sent when a sensor goes on and again when if it goes off.


{S}sensor state

  • sensor Indicates the sensor number
  • state indicates the state, either 1 or 0 

{S}1 ␑ 1
indicates that sensor 1 has just gone on.

RemoteSign sensors can also trigger:
  • Auto loading of .rsf files (Windows)
  • Auto running of scripts (Windows and ESP)
Note: RemoteSign Windows version 2.5.2, and higher, will attempt to load a file in the form SensornOn.rsf or SensornOff.rsf when it receives a {S} command. This allows sensor commands to trigger file loads.

For example,
{S}2 ␑ 1
would cause RemoteSign to load a file called Sensor2On.rsf if it is present. 
{S}2 ␑ 0
would cause RemoteSign to load a file called Sensor2Off.rsf if it is present. 

No {ERROR} command is sent if the file is absent.

Script files are triggered in the same manner. For example sensor 3 will trigger a script called Sensor3On when it goes on, if it exists.

The Windows version will send sensor commands S1 through S10 if the number keys 1 through 9 and 0 are pressed.

Overview and list of all RemoteSign commands: API reference

Supported by:
RemoteSign Windows
v 2.5.2 onwards auto loads specially named scripts
v 2.6 and higher sends sensor commands if number keys are pressed 
RemoteSign Sequencer
Can trigger any script when sensors go on and off
RemoteSign ESP
Auto loads specially named scripts
Will accept a {S} command and treat it as if it is own and trigger any built-in sensor actions