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Screen aspect ratios

When connecting to a second computer there is the possibility that the two machines have different screen sizes. Here is how RemoteSign handles this situation.

Screen resolution aspect ratio

It is the aspect ratio that is important as it alters the number of columns that can be handled for a given number of rows.

This means that if two machines are used and they have the same aspect ratio, then they will each be able to display the same number of columns for the same number of rows. This is true even if the two machines have different screen resolutions. For example, screen sizes of 1400x1050 and 1024x768 both have an aspect ratio of 0.75.

If the aspect ratios do not match then the aspect ratio of the sign that is being controlled will take precedence. The screen of the controlling machine will adjust the number of columns it uses accordingly. So let's say that the remote machine can display 48 columns when in 25 line mode and  the controlling machine would normally display only 40 for 25 lines. In this case, the controlling machine will make itself wider to display all 48 that the remote machine is capable of displaying. This can result in the display being wider than your screen and part will not be visible on the master machine. If the display needs to be narrower, then you will have an unused area on the right hand side. What is important is that the remote sign (the one people will be viewing) displays correctly and all its columns can be viewed.

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