Version 3 has been released!

Status lights

There are three status lights at the top of the sign of the Windows version. The top two indicate the connection state and the third indicates if another RemoteSign file is scheduled to be loaded automatically.

The top light indicates the status of the connection.

Yellow  Listening (waiting) for a connection. The sign is waiting for a connection request from another machine

Green  Connected. The sign is connected to another machine

Blue Disconnected. There is no connection to another machine and it is not listening for requests either

White Attempting to connect

Red Connection failure. An attempt to connect failed

The lower light indicates the connection mode of the sign.

Yellow  Listening (waiting) mode. The sign is waiting or waited for a connection

Orange  Connect to a specific machine. The sign will or did connect to another machine

Blue Local only mode. It will refuse connection requests from others and will not attempt to connect with any others

Typical combinations

Blue Everything local only.

Yellow  Sign told to wait and is waiting for a connection.

Orange  This machine will be attempting to connect but has not yet started the attempt. (Waiting for you to enter the computer name/IP and press Go button)

Orange  This sign attempted to connect to another but failed.

Orange  This sign connected to another machine and is controlling the other machine.

Yellow  This sign waited for a connection and another machine connected to it . The other computer is controlling this sign

Auto load in effect

The third status light (brown) simply indicates that after some time delay (defined in the Text entry screen) a file will be loaded. No light indicates that no file is set to automatically load.

Brown A file will be loaded automatically

Script running

(version 2.9 onwards)
The fourth status light indicates the status of a local script:
Cyan  Script is running
Red Script is recording

The RemoteSign ESP version does not have any status lights. If it is awaiting a connection, it displays its name, version and IP address etc.

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