Alert #1: Windows users: If you have suddenly started getting an error message: "Requested address is a broadcast address but flag is not set", try setting a different port by editing the port number in RemoteSign.ini Try something between 50603 and 65000 instead of 50601. See the Troubleshooting page for details.

Alert #2: If you were trying order a RemoteSign ESP, please try again, the Paypal forms have been updated.


Thank you for registering your copy of a RemoteSign product!

The PayPal transaction has been completed. I will send you an email with the unlock code as soon as I can. There is still a manual step in that process but I try to get it out as fast as possible after receiving the email notification from PayPal of your contribution. This could be anywhere between 10 minutes or a day or so. There are times when I am off camping and not on line, in that case it could take a few days. Rest assured I will try to get it to you as soon as possible.

Note: if the email address you supplied is incorrect, or your email system rejects my mail (It will have a subject "RemoteSign Unlock code") I will not be able to get the email to you. So if you think the unlock code is overdue, email me at

and see if I am having a problem getting mail to you. If in the US, include your phone number.

Your contribution encourages me to continue enhancing and maintaining the software.

Thank you!

Dale Schultz