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{TOKEN} command

Provides an auth token to the RemoteSign

An auth token provides a mechanism for the RemoteSign to present the token as a form of credential via the {AUTH} command.


{TOKEN} type ␑ token

  • type - type of token
    • R = Registration token
    • S = Server token
    • W = Write permission token
    • any other = other tokens can be defined and used as desired, with the knowledge that the token namespace may be used by RemoteSign products in the future.
  • token - an auth token.
On receipt of a Registration permission token, RemoteSign may validate it before saving it, and reject invalid tokens. Other types (such as server), will not be validated, as RemoteSign does not know the algorithm to validate such tokens.

Saved tokens will overwrite any previously saved token of the same type.

If the token is "DELETE" the existing token should be deleted.

See also: {AUTH}

Overview and list of all RemoteSign commands: API reference

Supported by:
RemoteSign Windows v3.6
RemoteSign Sequencer v3.5
RemoteSign ESP v3.
Arrivals & Departures v2.1