Version 3 has been released!


Requested address is a broadcast address but flag is not set

Some RemoteSign Windows users have reported getting a message when RemoteSign starts up saying:

"Requested address is a broadcast address but flag is not set"

I also saw this on 2020-10-04 and rebooting my machine resolved the issue. If that does resolve the issue for you, try setting a different port by editing the port number in RemoteSign.ini

Try something between 50603 and 65000 instead of 50601.
Version 2.9.15 or higher will prompt you for a new port number and save it for you!

Any software connecting to RemoteSign on that machine should also connect on the new port number. For example:

I suspect that some other software has started using port 50601 which RemoteSign uses by default.

Only one sound plays and RealPlayer was launching

Under Windows XP only one sound would play and when a sound file was played - it would play in RealPlayer. Clicking of the signs would only start again when the sound file had finished. i.e. only one sound was playing at any time.

Solution, in Windows control panel, open the Sounds icon and go to the Audio tab. Check the checkbox called "Use only default devices"

It seems that sound playback had been set to use RealPLayer and RealPLayer was only handling one sound at a time.

Running under Windows 8 and above

If you are having problems launching RemoteSign do this:

  • In File Explorer, right click  on RemoteSign.exe
  • Select Properties
  • Select compatibility tab
  • Run the Compatibility Troubleshooter
  • When it asks to test the program, click the test the program button, When it launches correctly, have it save the compatibility settings.

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