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{UI} command

Requests the other machine to display a specific part of its user interface.


{UI} code ␑ param1 ␑ param2

  • code - user interface item number
    • 1 = Remote registration screen. This should only be used if some functionality is needed which is also dependent on the RemoteSign being registered. The other side is is most likely already aware of the registration status via the {AUTH} command, so this is typically only used if the functionality it critical or if a sufficient time period has passed for people to get a good understanding of how the software works before registering.
    • 2 = Log screen. param1: 0 = hide,  1= show.
    • 3 = Splash screen  param1: 0 = hide,  1= show.
    • 4 = Display progress bar  param1: caption, param2: max value
    • 5 = Progress bar param1: progress value
    • 6 = Hide progress bar
  • param1 & 2 - parameters as described above

See also: {VW} {AUTH}

Overview and list of all RemoteSign commands: API reference

Supported by:
RemoteSign Windows 3.5.108
RemoteSign Sequencer 3.5.33
RemoteSign ESP 3.5.13
Arrivals & Departures 2.0.40
Bw 4.1.64