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{AR?} command (Request Analog Read)

Request the value (0 - 1023) of a pin


{AR?} pin

  • pin - the GPIO (or pin name) of the pin to be read
The value of the pin will be returned by an {AR} command. The pin in the return command will be the same as supplied on the {AR?} command. i.e. if you send a GPIO number you will get that number back. If you send a valid pin name you will get that back.

For example if you send:
{AR?} D5
the reply will be something like:
{AR}D5 ␑ 1023

Note the ESP8266/Wemos D1 supports the following pins:
  • GPIO 0 (D3)
  • GPIO 1 (D10/TX)
  • GPIO 2 (D4)
  • GPIO 3 (D9/RX)
  • GPIO 4 (D2/SDA)
  • GPIO 5 (D1/SDL)
  • GPIO 12 (D6)
  • GPIO 13 (D7)
  • GPIO 14 (D5)
  • GPIO 15 (D8)
  • GPIO 16 (D0)
  • GPIO 17 (A0) Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC)

See also:  {AR} {AW} {DR?}

Overview and list of all RemoteSign commands: API Reference

Supported by:
RemoteSign Sequencer (send)
RemoteSign ESP