Alert #1: Windows users: If you have suddenly started getting an error message: "Requested address is a broadcast address but flag is not set", try setting a different port by editing the port number in RemoteSign.ini Try something between 50603 and 65000 instead of 50601. See the Troubleshooting page for details.

Alert #2: If you were trying order a RemoteSign ESP, please try again, the Paypal forms have been updated.


RemoteSign Sequencer has nine counters, C1 through C9. A counter, is a numeric variable, or register that you can use to hold some number. It's not the same thing as kitchen counter!

You can use the system command "Counter" to adjust the values of any of the nine counters.

  • To set the value of a counter select "Set value to:" and select the number you want to set it to.
  • To increment a counter, select "Increment by:" and select how big you want the increment to be, typically 1.
  • Decrementing is done in a similar fashion.
  • You can also assign a sensor or GPIO value to a counter!

Every time the value of a counter changes, RemoteSign Sequencer will keep its value on disk so that it will still have that value next time RemoteSign Sequencer is run. If you wish to always have a counter start at a certain number, simply set the desired value when connecting, or in response to a sensor input.

The value of each counter can be sent to any connected RemoteSign using the Counter Macro.

Required version

RemoteSign Sequencer: 1.0.17 or higher, 1.1.16 for sensor and GPIO values.