RemoteSign Sequencer has nine counters, C1 through C9.

You can use the system command "Counter" to adjust the values of any of the nine counters.

  • To set the value of a counter select "Set value to:" and select the number you want to set it to.
  • To increment a counter, select "Increment by:" and select how big you want the increment to be, typically 1.
  • Decrementing is done in a similar fashion.

Every time the value of a counter changes, RemoteSign Sequencer will keep its value on disk so that it will still have that value next time RemoteSign Sequencer is run. If you wish to always have a counter start at a certain number, simply set the desired value when connecting, or in response to a sensor input.

The value of each counter can be sent to any connected RemoteSign using the Counter Macro.

Required version

RemoteSign Sequencer: 1.0.17 or higher