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Counter macro

RemoteSign Sequencer has nine counters, C1 through C9. The value of each counter can be sent to any connected RemoteSign using Counter Macro.

Wherever you want to display a counter, enter \Cn , where n is the number number.

For example, to display C1, use this text \C1
To display counter 2, use \C2 etc.

The counter macro will be replaced with however many digits the counter value needs, without any additional spaces.


  • The 'C' must be in upper case
  • Use the "Counter" command to set it value or add or subtract amounts from the counters
  • RemoteSign Sequencer will remember the value of the counters for you.

Required version

RemoteSign Sequencer: 1.0.17 or higher

There is also a Formatted variation of the Counter macro:

Use \Fnw where n is the counter number as usual, and the w indicates how many characters should be used for the number. This allows one to ensure that no matter what the value of the counter, it will always use the same amount of space.

For example, \F13 will display counter 1 using 3 spaces. If the value of counter 1 is 9 or less it will use two spaces and one digit.

  • The 'F' must be in upper case
  • If the value is larger than the width specified it will be as wide as is needed. i.e. \F31 will display 23 (using two spaces) if counter 3 = 23.

Required version

RemoteSign Sequencer: 1.1.14 or higher

See also: Time Macro