Version 3 has been released!

Entering text

From the sign screen, press ENTER on the keyboard to bring up the control screen.

If there is existing text on the sign it will be displayed in text boxes. There is no text in the example below. If you wish to start with a clean slate as below, click on the Load button and choose the file called Blank.rsf

There are two main types of text lines on each sign. Header lines and Animated signs.

Header lines have text that can be any color and have any color background. Check the 'Header' check box to make a line a header line.
There are two types of Animated lines. Mechanical lines that emulate mechanical signs, and Scrolling lines that simulate scrolling electronic banners.
Check the 'Animated' check box to make a line an animated line. You can use up to 40 such lines.
One Scrolling line can be positioned on any line of the screen and is defined using the 'Scroll text' panel on the left.

It is recommended that the first line be used as some sort of header. You can type your text into the text boxes. The length of the text that can be entered into non-header lines is limited to the number of columns that the screen can handle. You can increase the available columns by increasing the number of rows because, increasing the number of rows make the rows smaller, hence the text is smaller and so more columns are available.

There is a special Time Macro that lets you define times relative to the current time.

At any time click on the 'Apply' button to make the sign display your changes.

If you click the OK button the changes will be applied and the control screen will close.

Changing colors

You can control the color of header lines. To set the color of the text, click the corresponding button labeled 'Text' and use the system color picker to select your desired color. Similarly to set the background color, use the 'Back' button. Remember, you won't see text if it is the same color as the background!

Aligning columns

The text sizes used for mechanical sign lines and header lines are different. The Header text is proportional and depends on the font used on your system. In order to get text on a header line to align with a column of mechanical sign text you may have to add or remove spaces. Use the 'Apply' button to update the display after adding or removing spaces. Work from left to right.
Note that when displaying text from another software product, text can be positioned accurately at any column position using the {TEXT} command.

Scrolling text line

To activate the scrolling text line, check the 'Show' box in the 'Scroll text' panel.
Select which row you want it to use.
Enter the text to be scrolled into the corresponding line

The 'Detail' checkbox produces a more detailed scrolling banner which places more computing demands on the computer. If you computer is not very fast, consider unchecking the details box which will make RemoteSign use a less detailed banner.

The animated or header row obscured by the scrolling banner remains preserved, if you hide the scrolling line, the header or mechanical line for that row will reappear.

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