Release 2.5 & 2.6

I am pleased to announce version 2.6 of the Windows version

Version 2.6 can now also send sensor data. The keyboard keys 1 through 9 and 0 will send sensor data for sensors S1 through S10 respectively.

The most important new feature in 2.5 is the ability of the RemoteSign to respond to sensor data from a RemoteSign ESP

This sensor information enables an interactive two-way communication which is particularly powerful when combined with the RemoteSign Sequencer!

The RemoteSign ESP modules with small screens have three pins that can be used to send data to its remote Sign.

Pin D5 wll trigger Sensor 1
Pin D6 wll trigger Sensor 2
Pin D7 wll trigger Sensor 3

To trigger a sensor pin, connect it to the ground pin (G), with some sort of switch.

When version 2.5 receives a sensor command from the RemoteSign ESP, it will attempt to load a file in the form SensornOn.rsf or SensornOff.rsf.

For example, when D6 is grounded, RemoteSign to load a file called Sensor2On.rsf if it is present. 
When D6 is no longer grounded, RemoteSign will try to load a file called Sensor2Off.rsf

One can thus have six different screens that are displayed when the three pins are grounded, or no longer grounded, by a switch.

The switch could be a digital accessory module on a model railroad layout, or anything else that switches two contacts together, (such as an opto isolator connected to a track detection circuit).

The installation provides three sample files that can be used to see this new feature.
They are Sensor1On.rsf, Sensor2On.rsf, and Sensor3On.rsf

You can customize these files to define whatever text you would like when the pins are grounded!