Version 3 has been released!

Windows download

Windows download and installation

RemoteSign for Windows and RemoteSign Sequencer are bundled together in a single installer which can be downloaded using the links below.
Download and run this file: Setup-RemoteSign3.exe  click this!

This should work across most modern versions of Windows, even up to Windows 11 (32- and 64 bit).

If your computer refuses to launch the installer, temporarily switch off malware or virus checkers that are set to prevent you from adding software top your computer. If you want to download and keep the installtion file, right click on the link, and select to "Save link as..."  or similar menu item (Eg 'Save target as...'). If a browser decides that any of these files are 'bad' and refuses to let you download them please see here.

If you already have an earlier version installed and want the latest executable, look for a program called Fetcher.exe in the folder where RemoteSign is installed - typically C:\RemoteSign. (This was added in version 2.4.15.) There is also a shortcut to launch it in the RemoteSign program group. (StartRemoteSignFetcher)

Run Fetcher and click on RemoteSign.exe, or Sequencer.exe then click the Fetch button. This will fetch the latest version for you.

Download LinkComment
RemoteSign.exeRemoteSign executable. (Grab this if just upgrading and don't have Fetcher.exe.)

Running under Windows 8 and above
If you are having problems launching RemoteSign do this:
In File Explorer, right click on RemoteSign.exe
Select Properties
Select compatibility tab
Run the Compatibility Troubleshooter
When it asks to test the program, click the test the program button, When it launches correctly, have it save the compatibility settings.

Security warning

Since RemoteSign has to listen and communicate over networks to work, you may get a warning from Windows that it attempting to access the network. This is OK and you should allow it to do so.

Windows blocking either the installer, the program, or Fetcher
If Windows does not want to let the program run, override that and force it to run. See here for more information.


This RemoteSign is not spyware. There is some other program called remotesign.exe - that is not from me and is unrelated. This RemoteSign connects to other copies of RemoteSign and accesses the Web during registration only. When you set RemoteSign to wait for an incoming connection, or when you try to connect to another machine, your firewall may alert you that RemoteSign is attempting to do so. That is fine and needs to be allowed to do so.

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