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{ROWS} command

Sets the number of screen text rows.


{ROWS} n

  • n - the number of rows. 
The number of rows on a screen determines how large normal text is on each row. The fewer the rows the larger the text. In turn, the size of the text determines the length of text can fit onto each row. Smaller text will allow longer text to fit across the screen. Therefore, if you wish to fit more text on a line, you may need to increase the number of rows in use.

The aspect ratio of the screen will also influence the length of text for any number of rows. Each RemoteSign will send an {ASPECT} command so that the number of split-flap columns can be calculated.

The screen hardware determines the range of rows supported as follows:

RemoteSign Windows: 4 to 40
RemoteSign ESP with 64 pixel screen: 1 to 10
RemoteSign ESP with 32 pixel screen: 1 to 5

See also: {ASPECT} 

Overview and list of all RemoteSign commands: API reference

Supported by:
RemoteSign Windows (4 to 40 rows)
RemoteSign Sequencer (send)
RemoteSign ESP (1 to 10 rows)
Arrivals & Departures (send)