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{ASPECT} command

Supplies effective aspect ratio of rows to columns that can be handled by a RemoteSign screen.
This command is sent by RemoteSigns that have a screen soon after a connection is made or if the number of rows results in a new aspect ratio.


{ASPECT} aspect*1000

  • aspect is the effective aspect ratio of rows to columns that can be handled. This includes the aspect ratio of the screen.
Note: The ratio must be divided by 1000 before being used. This is so that the aspect can be exchanged as an integer and be good to three decimal places - this avoids potential issues with different formatting conventions between the machines with respect to decimal separators. For example, an aspect of 625 indicates an effective aspect of 0.625. 

The number of columns can be approximated with the formula: (rows / aspect). For example:
25 / 0.625 = 40

When calculating the columns available, remember that if a clock is displayed, the calculation needs to be adjusted for one or more rows. If the clock type is digital, subtract 11 for row 1. If an analog clock is displayed, remember that the clock height may extend beyond row 1 and it uses a square area of the screen.

The number of columns is used when calculating space for split-flap signs. The number of columns has no meaning for header lines placed with a {ROW}, and {TEXT} area which both use proportional fonts.

See also: {ROWS}

Overview and list of all RemoteSign commands: API reference

Supported by:
RemoteSign Windows
RemoteSign Sequencer (send)
RemoteSign ESP
Arrivals & Departures