Version 3 has been released!

Version 3

I am pleased to announce version 3 - which adds local scripting capabilities to RemoteSign Windows, as well as RemoteSign ESP!

What is new:

  • Recording and play-back of RemoteSign commands, locally. This can now be achieved without RemoteSign Sequencer running. This means that if you have a RemoteSign sequence that you like, you can record it as a script and have it play, by itself without external control. It can even be started automatically! See the Scripting page for details.
  • Backgrounds can now be set to colors other than black. The {CLEAR} command has been enhanced to allow a background color to be defined. This is useful when creating signs that do not look like split-flap displays, such as modern station timetables, etc. Of course, monochrome screens can't show any color but the closest match will be made.
  • RemoteSign ESP can now fetch the time from the internet using the new {NTP} command.

In order to support these new capabilities, RemoteSign Sequencer has also been brought up to version 3.0 with support for the new scripting commands.

Upgrades are free, see the update page on how to update the various components.