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{CHSTATE} command (Channel state change)

Report a potential or actual change in the state of a channel

Devices that have connected to a RemoteSign can subscribe to certain channels using the {CHSUB} command.

When subscribed to a channel, any potential changes in that channel are relayed to the subscribed device using the {CHSTATE} command. The current state will also be relayed upon subscribing.

Changes can be triggered by any connected device, or by scripts running locally on the RemoteSign ESP. This allows multiple devices stay synchronized with channel data, and obtain state data after connecting.


{CHSTATE} command

  • command - is a RemoteSign command that defines the current state of the channel. Typically the command is a copy of the command that caused the change.
Channel types that can be reported to are:
  • Monochrome lights 
  • Color Lights 
  • Signals 

If a device has subscribed to channel 2 and channel 2 is a monochrome light. The state of channel 2 could be reported as follows:

{CHSTATE){LM} 2 ␑ On

A signal on channel 4 set to aspect 3 would be reported with:

{CHSTATE){SIG} 4 ␑ 3

  1. Previously, {SIG} commands were broadcast to all connected devices when a signal changed. Signal changes are now only sent to subscribed devices using {CHSTATE}
  2. When a monochrome light channel is changed with {LM} TOGGLE, the change is reported to indicate the actual new state, i.e. on or off.

See also: {CHSUB} {SIG} {LM} {LC}

Overview and list of all RemoteSign commands: API reference

Supported by:
RemoteSign Sequencer 3.8.89 (Can be used to generate commands for testing)
RemoteSign ESP 3.6.21