Version 3 has been released!

Version history for RemoteSign Windows

Unless otherwise stated, newer versions do not need to be registered again.

Ways to upgrade RemoteSign for Windows:

  • You can simply download and install it to the same location. A registered copy will remain registered.
  • You can also run Fetcher.exe (in RemoteSign folder since version 2.4.15) and double click the RemoteSign.exe to get the new executable. (Sample files will not be updated.)
  • If you are upgrading RemoteSign Sequencer from a version before 3.5, you need to run the installer again.


2023-11-11 v3.5.154
  • Changed program icon from a clock to a RemoteSign 'R'

2023-01-09 v3.5.135
  • Support added for {CHSUB}. Sensor changes will now only be sent if the connected device has subscribed to sensor changes.

2022-12-09 v3.5.134

  • Monitor selection support was not working on recent versions of Windows, but the newly this compiled version works fine. It is a mystery as to what changed, but this version works.

2022-06-20 v3.5.129
  • Changed the way screen channels report rows and columns. So RemoteSign ESP, Windows and Sequencer should all be updated to latest version.
  • Handle (not respond with error message) numerous new RemoteSign commands
  • Handle {AUTH}, {AUTH?} and {TOKEN} commands.
  • Handle {UI}2 command to show log screen
  • Added ability to connect to a RemoteSign server as a client
  • Accept remote registrations
  • When setting clock type, refresh animated text on line 1.
  • Numerous small bug fixes, improved messages and port handling

2020-12-10 v3.1

New feature
  • Added support for displaying an image using the {IMAGE} command.

2020-11-09 v3.0.32

  • Improved reporting of number of columns available
  • Fixed an issue where the analog clock would sometimes extend beyond the screen slightly
  • Added right click and sensor keys to f1 help screen

2020-10-25 v3.0.20
New features
  • Support added for recording and running scripts locally. This includes adding support for the following commands:
  • Manual starting and stopping of scripts from the main screen 
  • New script menus in the right-click menu
  • New (cyan) indicator light that shows that a script is running.
  • Added a new logging option for scripts in the Log Preferences menu.
  • If a script file named AUTORUN is present, it will be run after RemoteSign starts up.
  • Support for changing the color of the background using the enhanced {CLEAR} command.
  • Added support for resolving time macros so that scripts can resolve them at run-time.
  • Updated sample files
  • Updated keystroke help (f1)
  • Relaxed error reporting when {TEXT} commands use a column number that is off screen
  • Increased the number of {TEXT} areas to 400
  • Improved handling of the situation where the defined port is being used as a broadcast address.

2020-08-18 2.8.13
  • Improved handling very large streams of incoming commands

2020-07-26 2.8.12
  • Dark mode for the log file.

2020-05-28 2.8.11
  • Ensure that a {TIME} command does not interfere with self-calibration of clock speed

2020-05-28 2.8.8
  • Self calibrate clock speed when running non-real-time clock once per minute.

2020-05-24 2.8.7

2020-05-10 2.8.4

  • Upgraded network address UI in connections screen, allows scanning your network to find RemoteSigns.
  • {TEXT} areas are now saved and loaded when saving.
  • New button in content screen to clear any {TEXT} areas

2020-01-28 2.7.9
  • Handle error that could occur when loading a new file with fewer rows while connected to the Sequencer
  • Restored the fonts used for headings to MS Sans Serif. (Not sure when it fell back to MS Sans)
  • Improved some of the sample files

2020-01-20 2.7.1
  • Updated sensornon.rsf sample files to use more lines. (Run the installer to get new sample files)
  • Allowed loading of sensornon.rsf files on client as well as server!

2020-01-16 v2.7.0
  • Animated characters will get to their desired character after trying 50 characters from within their mask. This prevent endlessly spinning positions if one applies a mask that does not include the desired character. It also means that any ISO-8859-1 character or symbol sent, will display.

2020-01-05 v2.6.16
  • Prevent digital clock from displaying when no clock has been set and the number of rows is changed.

2019-11-15 v2.6.10
  • Fixed crash bug when sending Sensor 10!

2019-11-14 v2.6.9
  • When a sensor key is held down, only one {S} (sensor) command is sent instead of multiples, at the keyboard repeat rate.
2019-09-15 v2.6.5
  • Allow scrolling text in any row. Scrolling text will avoid any clock that is displaying
  • Support new {CLOCK} option of no clock
  • Improved screen cleanup when a scrolling text is moved to a different row.
2019-08-25 v2.6.2
  • Added ability to send sensor data to a connected machine using keys 1 through 9 (S1 to S9) and 0 (S10)
  • This can be used in conjunction with RemoteSign Sequencer to govern the screen display.
2019-08-19 v2.5.9
  • Added a new feature: Time Macro
  • Automatically sent a {TIME} command when switching the clock to real-time for signs that do not have a real-time clock
  • Sample files updated to use new Time Macro!
2019-07-09 v2.5.2
  • Added support for loading files in response to sensor input from another RemoteSign (Such as RemoteSign ESP)
  • Added sample files Sensor1On through Sensor3On to demonstrate dynamic file loading in response to sensor commands
  • Fixed a bug introduced in version 2.4 that could reduce the available columns when connected to another sign.
2019-04-21 v2.4.15
  • Added sample files sequence Gleis1-1 through Gleis1-6 to display arrivals and departures on a 4 line screen
  • Handles new {PING} command
  • Added {BYE}{LOG}, and {LOGF} commands
  • Respond to "{CAB}", "{K83}", "{K83?}", "{S88}", "{S88?}", "{LT?}", "{LE?}", "{LS?}", "{LST?}" commands as not supported. (These are new commands that are used on ESP8266 versions.)
  • Added Fetcher.exe to enable quick updates to newer versions.

2019-02-19 v2.4
  • Handles new {CH} and {CH?}  commands
  • Sends new {CH}  command
  • Display port in connection screen
  • Display local IP address in connection screen
  • Added button to clear last message in connection screen
  • No longer reject {TEXT} commands with a size > 100%
  • Improved handling of scrolling lines of text
  • Fixed problem that was sending ROW 2 when a scroll line was not displaying
  • Windows
2018-09-11 v2.3.3
  • Adjusted external URLs for help screen to new RemoteSign web site.

2018-08-05 v2.3
  • Added ability to select the type of items displayed in the debug log window. By selecting only message commands, one can use RemoteSign as a simple remote logging screen.
  • The {SCROLLUP} and {SCROLLDOWN} commands were not moving the mask and color information with the text. This is now fixed.
2016-03-29 v2.2.36
  • Improved clock configuration screens
  • Scroll line is now shared when RemoteSigns connect
  • Added {STOPCLOCK} and {STARTCLOCK} commands to stop and start the clock
  • Local IP address is now displayed in the connection screen
  • Added optional H parameter to {CLEAR} command
  • {CLOCK}S0 is now treated the same as {CLOCK}S1
  • Numerous small fixes especially with {TEXT} commands.
  • Reported problem of displaying some header lines as black.

2016-02-10 v2.2.22
  • Better looking analog clock. Round clock face, Euro station style second hand, ability to show or hide second hand.
  • Clock settings are sent to another copy of RemoteSign.
  • SDK extends the {CLOCK} command
  • Fast clock is now available, switch between real time or non-real time
  • Clock time can now be independent of system time.
  • Numerous small improvements
  • Scrolling lines are cleared on a remote copy if a new file is loaded that does not use a scroll text.
  • The {TIME} command no longer sets the system time now that the clock time is independent of the system time.
2011-12-04 v2.1.202
  • Suggest user edits RemoteSign.ini to select a different port if the existing port is already in use at start up
  • Corrected overflow abnormal exit with sequence delay seconds value > 32 (Seems to be due to a change in the way newer versions of windows multiply integers)

2011-11-17 v2.1
New features
  • Added the ability to have a single scrolling text banner.
  • New {SCROLL} command added to the API to support the new scrolling feature.
  • Added analog clock option. Face, hands and tick colors can be controlled as well as the size.
  • Very old unregistered copies no longer hang on start up.
  • Delays of more than 32 seconds between loading the next rsf file will no longer cause an overflow.
2007-05-10 v2.0
New features
  • Sound. Mechanical signs make sounds.
  • Automatic loading of another file after a definable delay. Added a new status light to show when another file is scheduled to be loaded.
  • Sound effect support. Allows remote playing of sound files (.wav and .mp3)
  • Automatic playing of a sound file when a file is loaded.
  • Added ability to switch sound on and off on local and remote machines.
  • Added sound file browser.
  • Added ability to scroll the text input fields when the text input screen is larger than the screen size.
  • Added a refresh function to force animated screens to animate.
  • Added area in connection screen to allow the manual sending of commands to a connected RemoteSign
  • The Log windows remembers its size and screen position.
  • New sample .rsf files to demonstrate a sequence of files that load each other.
  • Sample sound files.
  • Made all dialogs modal, leaving Log display modeless. Removed Log button from Connection screen.
  • Moved sample .rsf files to their own folder. This is to improve portability of .rsf files that refer to sound files and other .rsf files.
  • The name of the current file is changed when controlled by other software. This is to prevent one from inadvertently overwriting a file with content from another machine.
  • When initializing a large number of animated lines, initial state is properly blank instead of the top half of a zero.
If upgrading from an earlier version, run the installation again. When complete, move any .rsf files you may have created yourself into the rsf folder. Previously registered copies will remain registered. 

2007-04-26 v1.1.131
New features
  • Added capability to display text areas in any row or column position via the API
  • Increased the maximum number of lines from 25 to 40
2007-04-23 v1.0.113
  • Stopped the {ASPECT} command from appearing in the 'last message' area
  • Allowed the program to exit even if there had been changes made in the text input screen
  • Fixed a bug in calculating the number of columns when the number of rows were changed the first time between two machines whose screen aspect ratios were different
  • Improved status light accuracy after machines disconnect
  • Closed the modeless registration dialog after unlock code is entered; it was obscuring the confirmation message box.

2007-04-22 v1.0.108
  • Fixed formatting of registration amount in PayPal link when decimal separator is not a period
  • Changed {ASPECT} value to be aspect * 1000 to avoid any separator issues

2007-04-21 v1.0.106
  • Initial Release