Alert #1: Windows users: If you have suddenly started getting an error message: "Requested address is a broadcast address but flag is not set", try setting a different port by editing the port number in RemoteSign.ini Try something between 50603 and 65000 instead of 50601. See the Troubleshooting page for details.

Alert #2: If you were trying order a RemoteSign ESP, please try again, the Paypal forms have been updated.

RemoteSign Sequencer version history

Unless otherwise stated, newer versions do not need to be registered again.

Ways to upgrade RemoteSign Sequencer:

  • You can simply download and install RemoteSign the same location. A registered copy will remain registered.
  • You can also run Fetcher.exe (in RemoteSign folder since version 2.4.15) and double click the Sequencer.exe to get the new executable. (Script files will not be updated.)

2020-08-18 v1.3.14
  • Small layout adjustment giving more room for RemoteSign status area.
2020-08-17 v1.3.13
  • We ensure we don't stop single step scripts when starting a script again.
  • Fixed problem where the Bahnsteig.ini sample file was installed to a folder called ScriptsSamples instead of Scripts\Samples

2020-08-12 v1.3.12
  • Added a sample file to simulate a Bus stop sign that cycles through 10 destinations over a 30 minute period. Look for the file in Scripts/Samples/TinyScreens called BustStop.ini You can change the name of the stop and the bus number and destinations simply by editing the file BusStop.txt!
  • Changed the system command, "Stop all" to "Stop all others" 
  • When starting any script, we stop it first in case it is about to trigger another script.
  • Updated some comments in the axle counter sample file.

2020-05-24 v1.3.10

  • Dark mode for the log screen
2020-05-24 v1.3.9

  • {SCROLLUP} and {SCROLLDOWN} commands now support start and end row parameters.

2020-05-23 v1.3.8
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an IF command that launches another script that has to complete, to not wait for its completion before continuing.

2020-05-23 v1.3.7

  • Text data can be retrieved from an external Data Source (text file) at run time.
  • External text, that is numeric, can also be pulled into a counter.
  • Added sample file Hamburg.ini to demonstrate data source

2020-05-12 v1.2.7

  • Added system command to stop all scripts
  • Updated RSRelayDemo sample file to reuse clearing scripts in screen setup, added stop all in setup


  • Reset delay timer for scripts that are waiting when killed

2020-05-10 v1.2.4
  • Import rsf files saved by RemoteSign (including {TEXT} areas)
  • Sequencer will now receive commands to run any script (in whatever file is open) from RSRelay
  • Added new sample file RSRelayDemo.ini to make use of RSRelay.exe

2020-04-27 v1.1.76
  • Corrected import of number of rows when importing from an .rsf file

2020-01-01 v1.1.59
  • Removed the limitation of pipe character (|) being a reserved character

2019-12-29 v1.1.57
  • Improved accuracy of short duration delays

2019-12-28 v1.1.51

  • Added ability to find RemoteSigns on the LAN
  • Added ability to look up remote host name of a RemoteSign (on some networks)
  • Added bitwise AND operator to IF command
  • Add ability for one counter to copy the value of another counter


  • Speed improvements
  • Sequencer can be minimized


  • Suppressed some Sequencer error messages in log when displaying channel information for a RemoteSign that is not online
  • Fixed a hang in Sequencer when an invalid counter was used

2019-09-15 v1.1.40

  • Allow scrolling text in any row. Scrolling text will avoid any clock that is displaying
  • Support new {CLOCK} option of no clock

2019-10-27 v1.1.36

  • Added sample screen sample file
  • Improved channel label display for events
  • Improved tour


  • Changed the program icon as it would not launch on Windows 7 due to a Windows bug.

2019-10-02 v1.1.30

  • Display host name and IP address in Connections screen in RemoteSign
  • Added hot links to detailed steps to define connections in Sequencer

2019-10-01 v1.1.28

  • Allow channel selection inside the command edit window for commands where channel is significant
  • Installer will also create a desktop shortcut for RemoteSign Sequencer
  • Allow {ROWS} command to define 1 row
  • IF command can now stop a script
  • Add 'No clock' option to {CLOCK} command
  • {VER} and {NAME} commands are now always dynamic, both in display and in command strings
  • Added links to counter macro help


  • Prompt to save if user quits using upper right X

2019-09-07 v1.1.16

  • Added conditional branching for GPIO pins and sensors!
  • Added ability to move the value of a pin or sensor into a counter so that it can be displayed using the  Counter Macro.
  • Added formatted variant for Counter Macro
  • Add a small internal delay after sending {AR?} and {DR?} commands so that an ESP8266 can respond with the value in time for the next line of the script.

2019-09-03 v1.1.1

  • Added conditional branching, new 'If' command!
  • Added new sample file to demonstrate using branching to make a count-down counter
  • Updated sample file that displays axle counters (single screen) to auto reset counters if they match (using new conditional branching feature)
  • Scripts may now trigger themselves
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Fixed a bug that was reporting duration as zero if a script had not yet been displayed
  • RemoteSign Sequencer

2019-08-30 v1.0.18

  • Added two more sample files demonstrating the use of counter to display axle counters.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing certain system commands to be removed when deleting a RemoteSign

2019-08-29 v1.0.17

  • Added ability to maintain 9 persistent counters which can be set, incremented, decremented.
  • Added Counter Macro to send a counter to a RemoteSign.
  • Added sample file DebsDeli.ini to demonstrate how counters work.

2019-08-28 v1.0.15

  • Added new option to Trigger command, to force the triggered script to complete before continuing.
  • Added preferences menu to Log window to allow selection of types of things to be logged
  • Made Auto Connect setting sticky


  • Corrected an error that prevented the actual command from being placed on the system clipboard when Copying a command.

2019-08-26 v1.0.7

  • Prompt to save changes when closing a file

2019-08-20 v1.0.2
Initial release

Simply install RemoteSign to also get RemoteSign Sequencer