RemoteSign Sequencer version history

Unless otherwise stated, newer versions do not need to be registered again.

Ways to upgrade RemoteSign Sequencer:

  • You can simply download and install RemoteSign the same location. A registered copy will remain registered.
  • You can also run Fetcher.exe (in RemoteSign folder since version 2.4.15) and double click the Sequencer.exe to get the new executable. (Script files will not be updated.)
2020-05-24 v1.3.10

  • Dark mode for the log screen
2020-05-24 v1.3.9

  • {SCROLLUP} and {SCROLLDOWN} commands now support start and end row parameters.

2020-05-23 v1.3.8
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an IF command that launches another script that has to complete, to not wait for its completion before continuing.

2020-05-23 v1.3.7

  • Text data can be retrieved from an external Data Source (text file) at run time.
  • External text, that is numeric, can also be pulled into a counter.
  • Added sample file Hamburg.ini to demonstrate data source

2020-05-12 v1.2.7

  • Added system command to stop all scripts
  • Updated RSRelayDemo sample file to reuse clearing scripts in screen setup, added stop all in setup


  • Reset delay timer for scripts that are waiting when killed

2020-05-10 v1.2.4
  • Import rsf files saved by RemoteSign (including {TEXT} areas)
  • Sequencer will now receive commands to run any script (in whatever file is open) from RSRelay
  • Added new sample file RSRelayDemo.ini to make use of RSRelay.exe

2020-04-27 v1.1.76

2020-01-01 v1.1.59
  • Removed the limitation of pipe character (|) being a reserved character

2019-12-29 v1.1.57
  • Improved accuracy of short duration delays

2019-12-28 v1.1.51

  • Added ability to find RemoteSigns on the LAN
  • Added ability to look up remote host name of a RemoteSign (on some networks)
  • Added bitwise AND operator to IF command
  • Add ability for one counter to copy the value of another counter


  • Speed improvements
  • Sequencer can be minimized


  • Suppressed some Sequencer error messages in log when displaying channel information for a RemoteSign that is not online
  • Fixed a hang in Sequencer when an invalid counter was used

2019-09-15 v1.1.40

  • Allow scrolling text in any row. Scrolling text will avoid any clock that is displaying
  • Support new {CLOCK} option of no clock

2019-10-27 v1.1.36

  • Added sample screen sample file
  • Improved channel label display for events
  • Improved tour


  • Changed the program icon as it would not launch on Windows 7 due to a Windows bug.

2019-10-02 v1.1.30

  • Display host name and IP address in Connections screen in RemoteSign
  • Added hot links to detailed steps to define connections in Sequencer

2019-10-01 v1.1.28

  • Allow channel selection inside the command edit window for commands where channel is significant
  • Installer will also create a desktop shortcut for RemoteSign Sequencer
  • Allow {ROWS} command to define 1 row
  • IF command can now stop a script
  • Add 'No clock' option to {CLOCK} command
  • {VER} and {NAME} commands are now always dynamic, both in display and in command strings
  • Added links to counter macro help


  • Prompt to save if user quits using upper right X

2019-09-07 v1.1.16

  • Added conditional branching for GPIO pins and sensors!
  • Added ability to move the value of a pin or sensor into a counter so that it can be displayed using the  Counter Macro.
  • Added formatted variant for Counter Macro
  • Add a small internal delay after sending {AR?} and {DR?} commands so that an ESP8266 can respond with the value in time for the next line of the script.

2019-09-03 v1.1.1

  • Added conditional branching, new 'If' command!
  • Added new sample file to demonstrate using branching to make a count-down counter
  • Updated sample file that displays axle counters (single screen) to auto reset counters if they match (using new conditional branching feature)
  • Scripts may now trigger themselves
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Fixed a bug that was reporting duration as zero if a script had not yet been displayed
  • RemoteSign Sequencer

2019-08-30 v1.0.18

  • Added two more sample files demonstrating the use of counter to display axle counters.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing certain system commands to be removed when deleting a RemoteSign

2019-08-29 v1.0.17

  • Added ability to maintain 9 persistent counters which can be set, incremented, decremented.
  • Added Counter Macro to send a counter to a RemoteSign.
  • Added sample file DebsDeli.ini to demonstrate how counters work.

2019-08-28 v1.0.15

  • Added new option to Trigger command, to force the triggered script to complete before continuing.
  • Added preferences menu to Log window to allow selection of types of things to be logged
  • Made Auto Connect setting sticky


  • Corrected an error that prevented the actual command from being placed on the system clipboard when Copying a command.

2019-08-26 v1.0.7

  • Prompt to save changes when closing a file

2019-08-20 v1.0.2
Initial release

Simply install RemoteSign to also get RemoteSign Sequencer