Alert #1: Windows users: If you have suddenly started getting an error message: "Requested address is a broadcast address but flag is not set", try setting a different port by editing the port number in RemoteSign.ini Try something between 50603 and 65000 instead of 50601. See the Troubleshooting page for details.

Alert #2: If you were trying order a RemoteSign ESP, please try again, the Paypal forms have been updated.

RemoteSign ESP Version History

How to upgrade RemoteSign ESP:

Send an {OTA} command to the RemoteSign that matches the connected screen as follows:
  • {OTA}SSD1306-32x128.ino.nodemcu.bin
  • {OTA}SSD1306-64x128.ino.nodemcu.bin
  • {OTA}SSD1322.ino.nodemcu.bin
See here for how to send a manual command

2020-01-20 v1.3.3:2020012001
  • Non-animated test that was shorter than the previous text was not erasing the previous text properly. (Bug was introduced in 1.3.2)
2020-01-17 v1.3.2:2020011710
  • Animated rows will actually flip through characters to get to the desired text
  • Flip characters that lie outside the specifies mask will eventually resolve to the desired character instead of spinning forever.
  • Special characters outside of ISO-8859-1 will downgrade to a similar character or be replaced with a space. This provides a better result due to the font limitations of the screen library.
2020-01-09 v1.2.5:2020010902
  • Selected a bold font for larger fonts
2020-01-07 v1.2.4:2020010701
  • Adjusted the size of 150% fonts
  • Fixed alignment of {TEXT} areas larger than 100%
2020-01-01 v1.2.4:2020010101
  • Implemented a new command {SCREENLIMITS} to enable easy measurement of actual display area on small OLED screens
2019-09-09 v1.2.1:2019091909
  • Right aligned{TEXT} areas that are not 100% in size will now clear and display new text better.
2019-09-17 v1.2.1:2019091701
  • {TEXT} and {ROW}commands now support foreground and background colors. If the foreground color value is less than the background, then the text is displayed in reverse video.
2019-09-15 v1.2.1:2019091508
  • Allow scrolling text in any row. Scrolling text will avoid any clock that is displaying
  • Support new {CLOCK} option of no clock
  • Very long {TEXT} commands and {SCROLL} commands will not wrap to left side of screen
  • Text alignment option of {TEXT} command is now supported
  • Screen is cleared when connection occurs with a default of 4 rows.
2019-08-18 v1.1.1:2019081801
  • Three pins (D5-D7) can be used as sensor inputs (S1-S3). (See Windows 2.5.2 version history for how they can be used.)
  • Implemented {AR?} and {DR?} commands to perform analog and digital reads of the ESP8266 pins.
  • Scroll text sent again will no longer speed up the text.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the clock from advancing. 
2019-04-18 v1.0
Initial release of RemoteSign ESP
RemoteSign Loader and binary files for ESP8266

NodeMCU provided for
  • 0.96" OLED 64x128 
  • NewHAven OLED 64x256