Version 3 has been released!

RemoteSign ESP Version History

How to upgrade RemoteSign ESP:

Send an {OTA} command to the RemoteSign that matches the connected screen as follows:
  • {OTA}SSD1306-32x128.vL.bin
  • {OTA}SSD1306-64x128.vL.bin
  • {OTA}SSD1322.v3.bin
  • {OTA}NoScreen.vL.bin
The 'L' stands for the latest version.
See here for how to send a manual command from RemoteSign Windows
An {OTA} command can also be sent to it from RemoteSign Sequencer

Version history

2022-11-15 V3.6.3

New feature
  • Added mSecs light pattern to {LM} and {LC} commands
  • Added Lighthouse light pattern to {LM} command
  • Improved random flicker of fluorescent lights

New feature
  • Added support for temperature sensors

2022-06-06 v3.5.35

New feature
  • Network host name can be customized by sending a HOST token using the {TOKEN} command
  • Default host names now 'remotesign-xxxx', where xxxx are the last 4 characters of the MAC address

2022-06-05 v3.5.34

  • Corrected a problem that was preventing devices with a screen from using the screen!

2022-01-06 v3.5.26

New feature
  • Provided a firmware version that has no screen software. This ensure that pins D1 and D2 are totally freed up for use with other channels.
  • Added the ability to invert the logic of pin outputs (for use with relays that don't offer a NC option)
  • Improved the clearing of pins used by built-in channels before being used by a custom channel.

2021-12-31 v3.5.25

New feature
  • Implemented the color light command {LC} allowing RGB color channels to handle a long list of lighting effects.

2021-09-10 v3.5

New feature
  • Added the ability to define channels in RemoteSign ESP devices using registered copies of RemoteSign Sequencer. Update RemoteSign ESP devices to version 3.5 and register it to gain the capability on the ESP side.

2020-10-25 v3.0.0:38
New features
  • Added the ability to record, and play back scripts using local memory storage on the ESP processor. This allow complete unattended display of content, without any external controlling software. This includes adding support for the following commands:
    • {RECORD}
    • {APPEND}
    • {SCR?}
    • {SCR}
    • {DIR}
  • The built-in LED on the processor will flash when recording is in progress.
  • Added support for a new command {NTP} that enabled the RemoteSign ESP to fetch the current time from the internet. DST rules for US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia are also supported.
  • Added the ability to set the background color to a non-black color with the enhanced {CLEAR} command. (You get the color of the monochrome screen if the background color is closer to white than black.)
  • Added support for resolving time macros so that scripts can resolve them at run-time.
  • Improved color selection (black or 'white') for {TEXT} and {ROW} commands.
  • The built-in LED on the processor will flash rapidly when it is connecting to a Wi-Fi network.
  • If a script file named AUTORUN is present, it will be run after a short delay once the ESP connects to Wi-Fi.
  • If a script file has been run, the screen is no longer cleared when other software disconnects from the ESP. This allows the screen to remain undisturbed for script use.
  • Increased the number of {TEXT} areas to 400
  • Added support for color settings of analog clock; face color, tick color and hand color.
  • Improved clock display that was truncating a pixel at the 9 o'clock position of the analog clock.
  • The OTA firmware file names were changed (as above) so that one can load v2 or v3 binaries.

2020-01-20 v1.3.3:2020012001
  • Non-animated test that was shorter than the previous text was not erasing the previous text properly. (Bug was introduced in 1.3.2)
2020-01-17 v1.3.2:2020011710
  • Animated rows will actually flip through characters to get to the desired text
  • Flip characters that lie outside the specifies mask will eventually resolve to the desired character instead of spinning forever.
  • Special characters outside of ISO-8859-1 will downgrade to a similar character or be replaced with a space. This provides a better result due to the font limitations of the screen library.
2020-01-09 v1.2.5:2020010902
  • Selected a bold font for larger fonts
2020-01-07 v1.2.4:2020010701
  • Adjusted the size of 150% fonts
  • Fixed alignment of {TEXT} areas larger than 100%
2020-01-01 v1.2.4:2020010101
  • Implemented a new command {SCREENLIMITS} to enable easy measurement of actual display area on small OLED screens
2019-09-09 v1.2.1:2019091909
  • Right aligned{TEXT} areas that are not 100% in size will now clear and display new text better.
2019-09-17 v1.2.1:2019091701
  • {TEXT} and {ROW}commands now support foreground and background colors. If the foreground color value is less than the background, then the text is displayed in reverse video.
2019-09-15 v1.2.1:2019091508
  • Allow scrolling text in any row. Scrolling text will avoid any clock that is displaying
  • Support new {CLOCK} option of no clock
  • Very long {TEXT} commands and {SCROLL} commands will not wrap to left side of screen
  • Text alignment option of {TEXT} command is now supported
  • Screen is cleared when connection occurs with a default of 4 rows.
2019-08-18 v1.1.1:2019081801
  • Three pins (D5-D7) can be used as sensor inputs (S1-S3). (See Windows 2.5.2 version history for how they can be used.)
  • Implemented {AR?} and {DR?} commands to perform analog and digital reads of the ESP8266 pins.
  • Scroll text sent again will no longer speed up the text.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the clock from advancing. 
2019-04-18 v1.0
Initial release of RemoteSign ESP
RemoteSign Loader and binary files for ESP8266 NodeMCU provided for:
  • 0.96" OLED 64x128 
  • NewHAven OLED 64x256